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Shanghai Unihealth Pharmaceutical International Trade Co.,Ltd.

Shanghai Unihealth Pharmaceutical International Trade Co.,Ltd.is located in the most prosperous commercial city in China - Shanghai, was established in April 2001.It is an export-oriented company integrating international trade, product agency, marketing and product sales.We also hold a nationwide wholesale distribution network and retail network.By virtue of its excellent conditions and market training, we have developed into a professional sales company with outstanding information and a certain reputation among peers.In the fierce market competition, we have gradually established an excellent team. The marketing network established by this team covers all provinces and cities in the country.
At present, Unihealth has established good cooperative relationship with the famous medical enterprises in 16 countries in the world. It has become a general agent in mainland China in France and the United States. The company's own brand Unihealth has gained popularity in some parts of the world. At the same time, Unihealth has been committed to the development of new products.

The business scope of Shanghai Unihealth Pharmaceutical International Trade Co., Ltd. mainly includes: the import and export business of goods and technology, the sale of medical devices, cosmetics, food, trade and agency between enterprises in the free trade area, exhibition and display service, warehousing business (except dangerous goods) in the free trade area and business consulting service.

Since 2003, Unihealth has been engaged in the registration of medical devices, health foods and cosmetics for nearly 15 years. Our professional operation team will provide customers with all-round professional guidance services such as data preparation, registration test, data submission and communication.

Successfully registered foreign famous products:
Determine TM HIV – 1/2 (Antibody diagnostic test kit, selenium colloid technique)
DetermineTM HBsAg
Binax NOW® Legionella (urine antigen test)
Sterimar® Physiological Sea Water Nasal Spray    
BioFilm Inc. Astroglide® Personnal Lubricant & Vaginal Moisturizer

The products that are registering or negotiating are:
ImmunoCard Toxins A & B  
ImmunoCard STAT! HpSA
ImmunoCard Mycoplasma
MedCoat® Tablet Coating
Nozovent®Anti-snoring Spray

Unihealth is a senior member of the Shanghai Pudong Medical Device Trade  Association and one of the original founders of the association. We  have a certain influence in the medical device industry.

Your health is the goal of Unihealth!

We are pursue a healthy and bright future together!


Shanghai Nuowente Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Nuowente Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a new company established by Unihealth. It focuses on R & D, production, process,package and so on, and is committed to cooperation in the field of R & D and production. Nuowente has advantages in production and warehousing with its no dust workshop and constant temperature storage warehouse.

We will add various facilities based on the actual needs of future R&D and production, and undertake the development of various complex and special products for the company to provide more perfect conditions for production research. We have reserved a group of professional technicians and management staff in the fields of medicine, quality control, and production R&D.

Our company has established close relationship with some European and American companies engaged in the production and operation of medical devices. For example, GATE, PHARMACURE, ADOLESCO, etc. are all our partners in R&D and production.With the deepening of R&D and production activities, we will continue to expand new areas.


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